An innovation company in London founded by David Walker and others who formerly worked at Synectics and Bamboo. David was a partner and the managing director of Synectics in London, and is an innovation grand master, having worked with 50% of the world’s leading brands.

The late Bill Cope was a partner at Synectics, and developed his own “Results-oriented Innovation” technique, in which I have advanced training. Bill was also a teriffic mentor.

Bill was very proud of his last web site, for which he used visual persuasion techniques developed by Ron Richards of ResultsLab. (I implemented Ron’s specific requirements in the design of Bill’s site).

Bill asserted that he and Cavas Gobhai were the “two best solution facilitators in the world.”

The inventors who first studied their innovation process were part of the Invention Design group of Arthur D. Little. Their method was spun off by the late George Prince and Vince Nolan, and the resulting company is Synectics.

I’ve been told that ?WhatIf! was started by innovators from Unilever who had been trained by Synectics.

IT John Avellanet has extensive experience with IT compliance, including FDA, DEA, HIPAA, OSHA, BIS and DoD. John is based in Virginia, and works with clients across the US.

David is one of the most talented and innovative designers I know.

And he understands that good design facilitates clear communication. David did the design for, which contains the best market positioning statement I’ve ever seen. The law firm “other lawyers would hire if they got busted.” Boom.

gotomarket Bill Joos works in Silicon Valley and has some excellent information about market positioning. Guy Kawasaki was a fellow at Apple before helping to found, which is now Garage Technology Ventures in Silicon Valley. I highly recommend his book The Art of the Start, and his blog. Seth Godin has written a definitive book, The Idea Virus, and it covers so much more than viral marketing. And, like all good viral ideas, you can download it for free.
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