A structured innovation session will take your business to the next level.

Some clients think they have an “accidental business”—one that has done quite well in spite of a lack business planning. Others just know it’s time to blossom up to the next level.

Either way, innovation can unlock the gems of wisdom and strategy you need to develop an actionable plan to get results.

The Process Example

Apply the breakthrough innovation process to address the predominant business development questions:

  • Who are we now?
  • How have we come this far?
  • What are we doing now that we want to keep doing?
  • What are we doing now that we want to change?
  • What business opportunities have we missed over the past many years?
  • What’s our vision for the organisation and its key people over the next few years?

Combined with the marketing positioning exercise, this is a very powerful process for getting an organisation out of the doldrums and all team members rowing in the same direction.

Company.com has had a very successful 15 years, and the CEO looked up and wondered how they got to where they are today.

More importantly, he marvelled at the potential: if they’ve done this well by accident, what might they accomplish if they actually worked at it?

I put together a two-day workshop to deal with market positioning, corporate vision, and strategic planning.


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